Ron Haley

Ron Haley has been a pool enthusiast since 1965. In 1985, while attending a pro tournament, he became intrigued by a traveling cue repairman. Ron began doing local repairs in his area. This lead to the purchase of more equipment, and in 1990 he built his first custom cue. From that point it has been a non-stop learning process for Ron. He is privileged to know and be advised from some very talented cuemakers such as John Showman, Dennis Searing, among others. Ron has in turn helped other cuemakers along the way.

Ron prefers to make one-of-a-kind cues in his own design. Ron makes all of his own parts, and makes about 16 cues per year. He prefers traditional designs and unusual techniques, and does all the work by hand. Ron’s wife, Jaylon, signs and numbers each of Ron’s cues, and also executes the engraving in his cues. Ron also prefers natural materials for the artistic parts of a cue. Ron prides himself in the quality of his work, which in turn provides the customer satisfaction in owning a Haley Handmade Cue. Ron’s signature features included boxed veneer points, mitered veneer boxes, engraving, and his sliver stitch ringwork.



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