Custom Cue Design Program

New2YouQs is now offering a custom cue design program. This program will offer our customers the opportunity to design their own custom cue, in conjunction with New2YouQs, from Blackcreek Custom Cues and Kikel Custom Cues.

New2YouQs will give a discount of 10% from what the cost would be to order your custom designed cue direct from the cuemakers mentioned above. New2YouQs will work the customer to design their custom cue, and will provide “mock up” images of what their design will look like. Once the design is finalized, New2YouQs will provide a price quote for the cue. A deposit of 50% of the final cost of the cue will be required in order to have the cue built. The remaining 50% balance will be due when the cue is completed and ready to ship to the customer.

New2YouQs is excited to offer this service to our customers. Please contact us to learn more about this program.



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