Dave Kikel

Dave Kikel's reputation for crafting cues with a sublime combination of beauty and playability has lifted him into the elite ranks of master cuemaker in less than a decade.

However, like many "overnight" success, Dave spent years "paying his dues" in relative obscurity. Prior to building his first cue in 1987, he had already established himself as an accomplished player, learning firsthand just how each variation in cue construction could affect play. Next he mastered the skills unique to cue repair, along the way gaining valuable insight into the "nuts and bolts" aspect of cue construction.

It was only then that Dave put it all together to form Kikel Custom Cues. His cuemaking combined four very special elements. First, the lessons garnered from a life-long fondness for working with wood. Second, an uncanny eye for style and design. Third, an extraordinary knowledge of cues and the game of pool. And the fourth ingredient? An unwavering commitment to quality and playability. That formula proved to be a powerful one, and in the course of a few years, Dave found himself numbered among the icons of a very exclusive trade.

Even in the company of other masterworks, Kikel Cues set themselves apart. Dave's clean, bold designs and stunning contrasts in material and color make this work instantly recognizable. Detail and finish are always without compromise, rivaling that of the finest artisans anywhere in the world.

Dave was selected as one of only fourteen cuemakers chosen to display their work in the prestigious Hand of the Masters Cue Calendar and Portfolio. Dave's cues have been featured on all four "Gallery of American Cue Art" shows. Dave's cue, "Imperial Inspiration", won the "Best Design of Show" at the 3rd show held at the New York City Athletic Club. Dave's cues have been featured in Playboy, Maxim, Pool and Billiard, Billiards Digest, and World Billiard News magazines. All these accomplishments have solidified Dave's place in the ranks of the world's most respected cuemakers.

Still, when all the accolades are set aside, and it's time to step up to the table, Kikel Cues remain as shining examples of the best playing cues ever made. Unmatched playability is the underlying theme of every Kikel Cue, no matter the design and detail, type of materials, or price.

It's been said that Dave's cues overwhelm the senses, and few would deny it. Each has a personality of its own, and a riveting visual impact that draws the eye and holds it like a magnet, causing it to race from detail to detail in order to drink in the incredible beauty.

But Kikel Custom Cues are more than something exceptional to see. Much more. To an experienced player, just handling a Kikel Cue evokes a natural sensuality, almost denying the fact that it's actually an inanimate object.

But it's in play that Dave's remarkable skills become undeniably evident. Shooting with a Kikel Cue is to know and understand that elusive, indescribable feeling that electrifies the hand and heart, and defines the very nature of the game of pool.

If you strive to become one of the few layers to know perfection, both in style and play, there's a Kikel Custom Cue in your future. Each is a true labor of love, and each is a genuine work of art.



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