Pete Tonkin Custom Cues


Cue Maker: Pete Tonkin
Weight: 19.0oz
Butt Sleeve: Madrone Burl
Butt cap: Ivory
Joint Material:Ivory
# shafts: 2
Ferrule Material: Ivory
Price: ◊ $7,900.00 ◊

Cue Number: PT SI
Forearm:Madrone Burl
Wrap: Brown Elephant Ear
Ring work: Pure Silver & Ivory
Pin: 3/8x10 G10 Pin
Shaft size: 13 mm
Tip: Kamui Black
Joint Protectors: Yes


Pete's work is phenomenal and this cue is no exception. Ebony bridge pointer into a beautiful Madrone Burl forearm. Repeating points in the butt. Gorgeous interlaced Pure Silver and Ivory inlays in the points. The veneer work is incredible with Pure Silver, Black, Maple, Black, Pure Silver in to out. Pure Silver rings and Ivory bands in the joint and butt. In between are fantastic interlaced Pure Silver and Ivory ringwork. Outstanding cue!